By Tim McGreevy • August 18, 2017

#3) Put into practice a Preventative Maintenance Plan - rather than a "deferred" maintenance plan approach! (5 Ways to Make a FM's Life Easier)

Effectiv can help you - create and navigate a Preventative Maintenance Plan for your Facilities.

A recent study by Jones Lang Lasalle reported that on average a Preventative Maintenance Plan results in a 545% ROI (return on investment). 

A Preventative Maintenance Plan helps you stay on top of repairs, maintenance, and parts replacement so you can prevent equipment failure problems before they ever happen.

A Preventative Maintenance Plan will also keep your facility operations running efficiently and smoothly, reduce overall maintenance costs and prolong the life of your equipment!

The question isn't whether to implement a preventative maintenance plan or not, but how to implement and navigate a Preventative Maintenance Plan.

Effectiv can help with that!

In this article you will find an intro into a 6 Step Process to on how to set up a Preventative Maintenance plan and some helpful tips on how to make it more Effective!

  • 1. Get the Right People on Board and Understanding the benifits of the PMP!
    • Before you begin to organize your PMP - you need to have the right people on board, from Top Management to Maintenance Managers to Maintenance Technicians and to any other staff who knows and understands the way your facility and equipment work.

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  • 2. Set Goals for Your Preventative Maintenance Plan!
    • Get your team excited and behind your PMP by setting goals for the plan!Young man engineer in helmet drawing construction project.jpeg
  • 3. Set Up an Inventory of Equipment and Assets!

  • 4. Make Decisions and Answer Important Questions!
    • What is the health status of each piece of equipment?
      • Is it operating to manufacturers specifications?
      • Is this piece of equipment a high priority asset?
    • Once you have answered these questions for analysis of your equipment. Determine your highest priority assets and determine how your equipment/assets are performing and set reasonable and achievable operational goals! 

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  • 5. Read the Directions!
    • AKA "Get to know the owner's manual."
    • Using a CMMS platform will help you incorporate and track, warranty times, life cycles, and maintenance schedules.

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  • 6. Schedule Long Term Preventative Maintenance Procedures
    • Start with your highest cost/highest priority equipment and add other pieces of equipment as you go.
    • Create a schedule for the year broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and/or annual tasks
      • (A CMMS platform will greatly help with this scheduling process!)
  • Keep in mind you will need to Train your employees who will be working on your PMP. Talk to each machine operator, and educate them on correct daily maintenance procedures, service procedures and repair procedures.

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Again when working with Effectiv we will be there every step of the way to help navigate and coordinate your Preventative Maintenance Plan!

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