By Tim McGreevy • May 7, 2019

Simplify operations using the Total Approach Heat Rejection Method

Do you want to...

  • Optimize your water cooled chiller's heat rejection?
  • Control to the sum minimum energy consumed by your chiller, condenser water pump and cooling tower fan?
  • Simplify controls with one analog out controlling both your condenser water pump and cooling tower fan?
  • Simplify & optimize your operation?

Effectiv's got an answer for you!

In this brief video, Bob McGreevy PE, CEM explains Effectiv's Total Approach Heat Rejection Method - just one of the ways Effectiv does more with less. 

We hope you enjoyed our video on Effectiv's Total Approach Method (TAM)! For more ways Effectiv can  provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that simplify and optimize your operating systems and equipment, contact us at or (610) 235 - 9066. 

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