Master Energy Plans

Reach Your Energy Goals with Confidence

Master Energy Plans are our comprehensive approach to energy efficiency consulting.  With this full-service program, we perform a complete survey and audit of your facility, create a unique energy reduction  and renewable energy generation plan, advise on estimating, budgeting and financing, and suggest a preliminary design for moving forward. We then present our analysis in a strategic report that guides you in reaching your unique energy and emissions goals.


If desired, our in-house engineering and design capabilities combined with strong industry partnerships allow us to partner with our clients from strategy and design through construction.

Master Energy Plan
Survey and Audit

Comprehensive survey and investment grade audit of the facility including inventory of its existing equipment.

Energy Reduction Plan
Clear outline of baseline energy-use, proposed energy conservation measures (ECMs), and projected savings.
ZQuest 3
Estimates and Financing

Preliminary estimate of first-cost vs energy savings. Financing  and incentive options that align with budget and goals.

Comprehensive Report
Final report provided in both print & digital format helps stakeholders understand existing conditions and a recommended path forward.
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