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Our passion for designing environmentally friendly and financially effective buildings has turned into a mission for the advancement of Zero Energy Buildings (ZEBs). Effectiv ZEBs are always designed with these goals in mind: create a zero energy site that produces zero carbon emissions, and use minimal to zero upfront capital in the process. Join us in creating a more stable future for our environment and our economy.

What is a Zero Energy Building?

A Zero Energy Building (ZEB), sometimes referred to as a net-zero energy buildings, is one that produces as much energy on site as it consumes within a given year. Understand that every building uses energy. The key difference is that ZEBs are sustainable in the way they consume only as much energy as they can produce via renewable energy generation. Often times the energy produced far exceeds the energy consumed.

There are two crucial steps when it comes to designing effective ZEBs: 


  1. Maximize Energy Efficiency: Increase energy conservation measures through the use of LED lighting, variable frequency drives, improved indoor air quality, central chilled water plants and other energy conservation measures.


  1. Add Renewable Energy: Implement the right size renewable energy alternatives like geothermal and photovoltaic (solar). Photovoltaic uses power from the sun and geothermal utilizes the heat from beneath the Earth's surface to produce renewable, sustainable energy. 


Image (Right): The Bullitt Center in Seattle WA is a Zero Energy Buildings

Bullitt Center Zero Energy Buildings
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Zero Energy is Achievable and Affordable 

 Effectiv ZEBs are engineered, designed and financially evaluated with three goals in mind:



By combining energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, Effectiv can help you to consume only as much energy as can be produced onsite over a specified time period. Our innovative energy conservation measures and renewable energy design practices allow us to create zero energy sites that are practical, efficient and effective.


Join the carbon neutrality movement and do your part in combatting global climate change. Zero Carbon Emissions is an increasingly important mission for facilities across all industries, in all corners of the world. We can help you to balance carbon emissions with carbon removal, creating facilities that our local and global communities can be proud of. 


One hurdle we've encountered with Zero-Energy projects is lack of capital. Effectiv's expert incentive identification and financial solutions allow for off balance sheet projects that require zero upfront capital and transfer risk and responsibility to a team of experts. Contact us for a project consultation and we'll determine the funding solutions that are appropriate and available for you.

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